Our Promise To Give You The Best

The world’s best dairy products, fortified with nutrients to support your child’s optimum growth and development, take care of their growth, so you can focus on discovering and unleashing their unique talents!


A Global Mission

CalciYum is a premium brand proudly produced by Fonterra, a farmer-owned co-operative dairy company founded in New Zealand in 1886. Our mission is to provide important nutrients to support kids’ daily needs. Today, we are responsible for a third of the world’s milk, making us the gold standard milk product for kids globally.

We draw from over a century of experience to deliver innovative products that kids and parents love. Other global brands in our family include Anlene, Anmum™ Materna, Anmum™ Lacta and Anmum™ Essential.


CalciYum, A Better Choice For Kids

When we look at a child, we see potential just waiting to be discovered. And unlocking it begins with nutritious products tailored for young minds and bodies.

Fernleaf CalciYum products contain A-Force: our bundle of nutrients, designed to support nutritional needs of children for active minds and active bodies.

Our range of products include Milk Powder, Yoghurt, Cultured Milk Drink in a variety of irresistible flavours!

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