The Incredible Power Of Creativity

Did you know creativity is crucial for child’s success in literacy, math and even science? That sounds like a big call doesn’t it? But when your child is being creative, they are improving their cognitive skills, imagination, communication, physical dexterity, interpretation and problem solving skills.

And that’s just the start. Creativity makes many magical things happen for your child. Try these simple creative ideas and see how they can play a starring role in your child’s development.

Take Center Stage

Creating dances, puppet shows and plays helps your child’s emotional development, confidence, storytelling and gross motor skills.

Ditch The Bedtime Book

Take a journey into your child’s imagination and make up your next bedtime story together. You’ll be amazed how clever and creative they can be.

Nuture Your Budding Picasso

Quality time together with a paintbrush, crayons or playdough will not only improve your child’s fine motor skills but will work wonders for their coordination and ability to concentrate.

Stretch Their Vocabulary

Some creative activities introduce your child to a whole new set of words and meanings. Try cooking or playing an instrument together while exploring the unique language that goes with it.

Most of all, creativity will help your child be wonderfully original, express their true feelings and explore who they really are. Could anything be more valuable?



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