8 Sites Where Kids Can Play Fun And Educational Games

Games are infamous for their addictive nature, but giving your growing kid quality, age-appropriate selections can contribute to positive brain stimulation and an overall balanced childhood. We’ve hand-picked 10 sites offering puzzles, mazes, coordination games and more built just for your little heroes!

1. Toca Boca: Award-winning digital apps to encourage creativity

Toca Boca’s range of gender-neutral games aims to restore the concept of pure play – no timers, scores or scripted scenarios – giving kids the freedom to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills through virtual world-building toolkits.

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2. National Geographic Kids: Where young adventurers explore the world.

National Geographic Kids introduces children to the physical world through engaging quizzes, memory games and mazes, making it fun to learn about exotic animals, Greek gods, space travel and everything else in between!

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3. BrainPOP: Academia made simple and engaging.

BrainPOP is home to GameUp, a portal where children can get acquainted with curriculum-based subjects such as science, engineering and the arts through coding puzzles, creative obstacles, role-playing and more.

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4. Incredibox: Express your musicality!

Incredibox is a must have for your little music prodigies. With a simple drag-and-drop format, the interactive game introduces the concept of rhythm and mixing, letting your child discover and express their musicality in unique, countless ways!

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5. GridClub: A creative approach to curriculum subjects.

Wondering how you can make learning an adventure for your child? GridClub’s repository of games offers hundreds of creative scenarios that aim to stimulate early interest in math, design, languages and more.

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6. Monument Valley: A surreal world of out-of-the-box imagination and critical thinking.

The award-winning Monument Valley is best known for its impossible geometry and compelling storyline, featuring hidden passageways that will ease your child into a spell of tireless imagination and critical thinking.

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7. Funbrain: Quick games to develop skills in math, reading and literacy.

Designed as bite-size games that engage fun visuals and storylines, Funbrain is perfect for hyperactive modern minds and is dedicated to developing your child’s skills in math, reading and literacy within a safe learning environment.

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8. NASA Space Place: Explore Earth and space in a fun way

An award winning website targeted at school-age kids, NASA Space Place features creative and visually-engaging games that include quests, crosswords and ‘spuzzles’ to feed your child’s interest in space and Earth.

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Bring some play into the day with fun games, puzzles and your guides to their gaming world!

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